Border Collie Dog Training

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Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, you and your dog will benefit from training. A well-trained Border Collie is a pleasure to own.

Border Collies are highly intelligent dogs bred to herd sheep. As herding dogs they have an abundance of energy so they can keep working all day. For this reason it is essential that your dog gets daily exercise and good training. Border Collies respond well to training. They love to learn new tricks and they love to please their owner. The advantage of Border Collie dog training is that it can provide both mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Because Border Collies have so much energy you need a variety of means to exhaust them.

The Different Types of Border Collie Dog Training

Border Collie dog training includes the following:

  1. Basic training – you will want to start with some basic commands and some basic housetraining with your puppy.
  2. Border Collie obedience training – the first thing you will learn as a dog owner is how to give strong and specific commands to your dog. The first commands your Border Collie will learn are sit, stay, down, talk, and quiet.
  3. Alpha position – by establishing yourself as the alpha leader of your pack, your dog will listen to you and obey. It is best to establish your alpha leadership before you commence obedience training. This will make the training more enjoyable for you and your dog.
  4. Border Collie crate training – this training can be used to assist with a variety of other types of training such as Border Collie potty training, sleep training, reducing separation anxiety plus more.
  5. Border Collie clicker training – the advantage of using a clicker to train your dog is that the clicker is small and easy to carry in your leash hand or in a pocket and it provides immediate positive reinforcement to your Border Collie.
  6. Agility training – because they are a working dog, Border Collies love this type of training. Agility training can become part of your Border Collie’s daily exercise regimen.


Border Collie dog training is essential when you get a new puppy. It is usually a necessity when you adopt an older dog too. The value of training should not be overlooked. Boder Collie dog training helps not only you and your dog but the whole family.

A well-trained dog means more enjoyable experiences for everyone. You can eliminate the stress of excessive barking, the unnecessary digging in your garden and the infuriating chewing of your furniture. In comparison to such bad behavior you can enjoy a well-trained obedient companion. Your Border Collie will be fun to play with and a pleasure to take for walks since there won’t be any pulling on the leash.

Border Collie dog training is a two-way street. The more you put into it as a dog owner, the more you get out of it. Just because you own an intelligent dog doesn’t mean it is up to the dog to do all the hard work in training. It is actually the responsibility of the owner to let the dog know what is expected from him. If you give your dog clear signals your dog will respond very well to Border Collie dog training.

The younger your dog is when you commence Border Collie dog training the easier it is to achieve good results fast. Puppies don’t have as much resistance to new concepts because they don’t know anything different. For example, if you are training your puppy to sleep in his crate he will not have as much resistance if he hasn’t been allowed to previously sleep on the end of your bed. Whereas, if you own an older dog that has already formed habits you will face a bit of resistance if you want to change these habits. It is still possible to use Border Collie dog training with an older dog but it will take a bit more time and patience.

Whether you want to teach your dog some simple commands or take him to agility training classes there is training to suit every dog and every dog owner. Border Collie dog training results in an obedient and well-trained dog whom you can adore and enjoy spending time with.