Border Collie Chasing Cars

Border Collie Chasing CarsIf you need to stop your Border Collie chasing cars then you need to consider the right training. There are a number of ways to approach this problem. A lot of Border Collies love anything that moves, it comes with their herding instinct. They know they need to keep sheep in line so they transfer this to other moving objects and they think they need to control everything that moves.

From experience I know that even though you want to stop your Border Collie chasing cars, some Border Collies are fixated by any type of wheel. One of my Border Collies used to attack the children’s bicycle wheels as they were riding along and moving car wheels were also an obsession. These types of behavior problems are extremely dangerous for your dog and your family. You’ll be highly concerned when your child walks in bleeding with cuts because he’s fallen off his bike due to your dog attacking and biting the front tyre. Even though your Border Collie will get a fright from actually catching the moving tyre (and getting his teeth slightly stuck in it therefore causing some injury to his head) it won’t be enough to stop this chasing obsession. The instinct to chase moving objects is too strong. You need to train your dog out of this behavior as young as possible.

The biggest concern to the safety of your dog is moving cars. If you see your Border Collie chasing cars you need to train him to stop straight away, no matter what age he is. Even if you think you can keep your dog locked behind a fence or restrained on a leash in public there is always the chance that he will get free and if you haven’t trained him not to chase cars then he could be involved in a nasty accident. Not only could your Border Collie suffer terrible injuries but he could also cause injuries to other people or property (cars) for which you could be liable (you may want to check with your insurer to see whether you are covered for this type of scenario under your dog homeowners insurance or your canine liability insurance). Apart from having good dog liability insurance, the safest option is to train your dog as soon as you see any signs of your Border Collie chasing cars.

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How to Stop Your Border Collie Chasing Cars

If your dog has an obsession with chasing after cars then you need to start with some basic retraining. By using the leash while undertaking training to stop your Border Collie chasing cars, this provides a controlled, easy technique to keep your dog safe. Here are the best ways to start your training:

1. Keep your Border Collie focused on you. If you want to stop your Border Collie chasing cars, teach your dog to focus his attention on you when you are walking him on the leash. You will need to have already established yourself as the alpha leader for this method to work. When you are out for a walk make sure your Border Collie is always looking at you before you start moving forward. It is important no to let your dog start to walk unless his attention is focused on you.

2. Border Collie leash training. If your dog does not focus on you but instead lurches forward on the leash then leash training is a good place to start. Every time you are about to walk make sure your Border Collie is sitting and waiting for you before you start moving. If he pulls on the leash then stop and make him sit down beside you. Your Border Collie will quickly learn to associate the leash pulling with his walk stopping.

3. Distract your Border Collie. When your dog is off the leash you can stop your Border Collie chasing cars by using a favourite toy to distract him just at the right moment. If your Border Collie is suddenly focused on a moving car or bike you can throw his favourite toy out in front of him and he will often chase after it instead. The key is to throw the toy so it is also moving.

4. Aversion method. Using this method to stop your Border Collie chasing cars or bicycles, you will need family or friends to help you out. Get someone to ride by on a bicycle and when your Border Collie sees the moving wheels get your friend to stop the bike, say a firm “no” to your dog and spray him with a water bottle. Your dog will then learn that catching the thing they are chasing is not a good thing. However, some dogs do not respond well to aversion training and if your Border Collie shows aggression at being sprayed by the water bottle it is best to use another method.

Stop Your Border Collie Chasing Cars Without Using Extreme Methods

If you are tempted to buy an electric shock collar to try to stop your Border Collie chasing cars please think twice before you do so. They are not a good idea. Apart from being inhumane for your dog they are not always effective and if for some reason to collar comes off your dog is still a danger to himself if he has access to moving cars. The best way to stop your Border Collie chasing cars is through good training. If you are struggling with the training because your dog’s obsession is too strong, contact a dog training expert to help you solve the problem.