Border Collie Barking

Border Collie barking can be a big problem if it is happening in your home. It is both annoying and embarrassing depending on the situation. A dog barking problem is one that you need to address quickly otherwise you end up with a lot of stress in your home.

Border Collies are big dogs and full of energy, I know from experience how loud a Border Collie’s bark is when they start barking inside the house. It is also very loud outside if you live in suburbia with neighbours on all three sides of your property. Either way, the best solution is to stop unnecessary Border Collie barking as soon as possible.

It is of course natural for a dog to bark. They bark to express their needs and desires. It is a genetic response when they need to use it. However, unnecessary barking goes beyond their needs and just becomes a dog barking problem.

If you have already tried to stop your Border Collie barking then you know how difficult it is. The best place to start is by learning why your dog is barking.

Causes of Border Collie Barking

Border Collies bark for a lot of different reasons. Dogs bark when they are angry or threatened, but they also bark when they are excited to see you. There is compulsive barking and barking due to sickness or illness. Although there are some good reasons for your Border Collie barking, you need to ensure it doesn’t become a dog barking problem.

Here are some of the most important reasons for Border Collie barking:

• Anger/Aggression
• Alarm Barking
• Territorial Barking
• Threatened Barking
• Fear/Scared
• Frustration Barking
• Attention Seeking Barking
• Greeting Barking
• Compulsive Barking
• Illness/Injury Barking

As you can see from the list above, there are many reasons for Border Collie barking. This shows there are also reasons why you actually want your dog to bark, especially if they need to communicate something to you. Barking is also part of your Border Collie’s personality so obviously you never want to stop your Border Collie barking altogether. You just need to stop a dog barking problem. Here are some answers.

How to Stop Border Collie Barking

Border Collie barking in an untrained dog is usually excessive. When you think you have a dog barking problem, first ask yourself, is the barking necessary?

Most of the time you answer will be NO. If the barking is excessive or unnecessary then it is time for you to take control and stop it.
Ask yourself 3 questions:

• WHEN does your Border Collie bark excessively?
• WHAT is your Border Collie barking at?
• Is there a specific trigger for your Border Collie barking?

If you are finding it difficult to answer these questions with certainty then it may help to keep a diary or notebook open on the kitchen bench, or somewhere else handy, so you can write down the answers to these questions. You may see a pattern emerge.

If your Border Collie is barking in response to protecting its territory or as a result of alarm barking then it is important that you do not deal with the problem by just shouting at your Border Collie to stop.

A dog barking problem cannot be resolved using negative reinforcement. This method can lead to the dog expressing their territorial protection instinct in other ways like aggression and biting. Shouting at your Border Collie will not only take a very long time for you to solve your dog barking problem but it will not lead to satisfactory results because your dog does not understand what you are saying and the territorial problem still exists.
Instead of shouting you need to establish an environment where your Border Collie does not feel their territory is threatened and then they do not feel the need to defend it.

The first step is to take control of your household. You must be the alpha dog and the leader of the pack. Show your Border Collie that you are the one in control of protecting your household and its territory.

The second step is to limit your Border Collie’s line of sight to territorial threats. If you know the dog will see the mailman at a certain time of the day then draw the blinds or keep the dog away from the front of the house. Since Border Collies spend a lot of time outside it is important to install an opaque fence so your dog cannot see what it thinks are territorial threats from neighbours or passers-by. If your Border Collie is inside the house make sure it does not have easy access to windows that will trigger territorial threats and therefore cause a dog barking problem.

Border Collie Barking Due to Anxiety – How to Stop It

Your dog barking problem may be due to your Border Collie suffering from anxiety issues. If this is the case then the barking is symptomatic of bigger problems.

If your Border Collie is anxious it will bark continuously until you return home. This can arise whether the dog is inside your home or out in the yard.

Your Border Collie is barking because it wants to reach you. This is probably because you have rewarded your Border Collie in the past by lavishing attention on it when you return home when the dog is excited. Your dog therefore learns that this behaviour is rewarded and it will continue barking until it gets to you and gets your attention.

I know it is difficult to carry this out in practice, but, when you get home you should ignore your Border Collie for as long as 15 minutes in order to teach them not to associate getting your attention with your return home. It sounds mean but in the long run you will have a happier relationship with your Border Collie without the stress associated with excessive barking.

Putting Your Dog Barking Problem in Perspective

Remember it is still important that your Border Collie is able to bark when it needs to. This may be because there is an intruder in your house or because there is an emergency or your dog needs help. To stop a dog barking problem you actually need to train your dog to be able to know when to speak and to be able to obey the command to be quiet. Once you have trained your Border Collie with these commands you can stop Border Collie barking which is excessive or unnecessary.

Learn to control barking early and you will never have another problem with your neighbours complaining.