Border Collie Chewing

A Border Collie chewing problem is a serious impediment, stopping you from enjoying your dog. It creates stress for you and your family. If you want to know how to stop a dog from chewing please read on.

If you have a new Border Collie puppy the first thing you should realize is that chewing is a natural instinct in any puppy. You can expect Border Collie chewing from your puppy because they are teething or because they are bored and playful. However, it is not acceptable to allow your Border Collie to chew things indiscriminately. To find out how to stop a dog from chewing please read on.

Rather than giving yourself the uphill battle of trying to stop a Border Collie chewing as a puppy, you need to distract and redirect your dog to chew things other than your furniture, shoes and cushions. Most importantly, you need to get your Border Collie active in other distractions so they are no longer interested in chewing the forbidden items.

Why Stop Your Border Collie Chewing?

A lot of dog owners think that it is fine and they do not need to stop their Border Collie chewing as a puppy because it is their natural instinct and they are teething. Others think it is ok to shout at their dog and get mad because of the destruction caused. You can actually reach a compromise and get good results without doing one or the other (and you should remember that shouting at your puppy can cause other long term behavioral problems so this is to be avoided). It is possible to find out how to stop a dog from chewing without yelling uncontrollably at it.

It is possible to show your Border Collie puppy that it should not chew your possessions while also offering your dog other activities to keep it distracted and entertained. If you see your Border Collie chewing items in your house you need to stop this behavior before it creates stress between you and your dog which can result in further behavioral issues going beyond Border Collie chewing problems.

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing

If you want to successfully stop your Border Collie chewing your possessions it is important that you never shout at it or physically hit it, especially if it is a puppy. This type of reaction only confuses your Border Collie and potentially causes other behavior problems and if you do this your dog will never learn what it did wrong. There are other ways to successfully learn how to stop a dog from chewing.

  • Keep your Border Collie Busy – a puppy will chew even if they are not teething if they get bored. Border Collies are active dogs full of energy and your puppy will need plenty of activities to use up its energy. You should make sure your Border Collie gets plenty of exercise when you are home and has lots of toys and balls to play with when you’re out. Some toys are ideal when you are trying to find out how to stop a dog from chewing. The kong toy is perfect for Border Collies because the hidden treat provides entertainment as well as a good toy to chew.
  • Crate Training – if you are still learning how to stop a dog from chewing then crate training is a good place to start so your Border Collie doesn’t destroy your things when you’re not at home. You can crate train your dog so it doesn’t have access to your possessions. You can also restrict your Border Collie to one room when you’re out so they have limited access to the house but the goal is exactly the same.
  • Behavior Adjustment – when you find your Border Collie chewing on one of your favourite shoes, remove the shoe and replace it with one of your dog’s favourite toys, then, once it starts chewing the toy, praise it profusely so your dog knows this is the right thing to chew. This provides positive reinforcement so your Border Collie knows the toy is the correct item to chew. It is important to know how to stop a dog from chewing by using distraction and replacement.
  • Aversion Sprays – if you are wondering how to stop a dog from chewing your couch or your carpet you can consider using a non-toxic spray like Cayenne Pepper or Bitter Apple to deter your dog from chewing that item or area. Once your dog associates the taste and smell with something it doesn’t like it will usually stop its chewing behavior.

If you really want success in stopping your Border Collie chewing then you need to be absolutely consistent and set specific rules to follow. If you want to stop your dog chewing your shoes then don’t give it an old slipper to chew on. Similarly if you don’t want it to chew your children’s soft fabric toys then don’t give your Border Collie a soft fabric toy to chew on because it won’t know the difference and it will never learn what it is not allowed to chew.