Border Collie Potty Training

Start thinking about Border Collie potty training early for your puppy to avoid messy clean-ups! Traditionally Border Collies were outside dogs. They were working dogs that would spend most of their time outside herding sheep or possibly cattle and there was no need for potty training from inside a house. However, today it is quite usual to see Border Collies as pets in the suburbs. Most Border Collies these days have never seen a sheep and are quite comfortable with carpet underfoot and a television blaring. They do, of course, still need a large area to run and play but as a puppy they will often spend a lot of time inside the house with the family and you need to consider Border Collie potty training from a young age.

What to Expect Before You Start Border Collie Potty Training

Even if you get your Border Collie as young as 8 or 10 weeks of age, your puppy will know the very basic first elements of potty training. Before you start Border Collie potty training your puppy will already know that he doesn’t want to soil the place where he eats or sleeps. Dogs are instinctively very clean animals and you can use this to your advantage as part of your Border Collie potty training procedure.

Even though your puppy knows the basics he will still have accidents and you will still want to shout “no” or worse when you find a little disaster on the carpet. You cannot say anything to your dog unless you catch him in the act. If you say “no” after the event it does not make sense to your dog and it achieves nothing towards potty training but causes anxiety in your puppy.

Before you start your Border Collie potty training you can expect to see a routine pattern in the timing of when your puppy wants to relieve himself. He will want to relieve himself after waking up, after playing and after eating. Of course, there are also other times just because a certain amount of time has passed, this could be as little as half an hour. Because of the predictability of needing to urinate after waking, playing for a time, and eating, this helps you when starting Border Collie potty training. When each of these events occurs you can whisk your puppy outside or into the designated toilet area and give him the opportunity to do his business. Give your puppy positive encouragement when he uses the right area so he repeats the process in the same place next time.

Types of Border Collie Potty Training

There are three basic methods you can use for Border Collie potty training: crate training; the direct method; and the paper method.

Border Collie crate training is very effective and can be used for more than just training your puppy where to go to the toilet. When using the crate for Border Collie potty training it is important to get a crate the right size for your puppy. If it is too big you can section part of it off so it is the right size. Your dog should be able to sleep, stand up, stretch, and turn around comfortably but there shouldn’t be enough room for him to relieve himself and then go to another part of the crate to get comfortable. The idea of using a crate is so you can tap in to those natural instincts not to relieve himself in the place where he sleeps. See this link for more details: Border Collie crate training.

The direct method is very similar to crate training but doesn’t use a crate. Using this method you need to supervise your puppy very closely and take him outside to his toilet area regularly and certainly at the first signs of needing to relieve himself. Signs may include sniffing along the ground, carpet or flooring. When your puppy relieves himself in the right place you give him kind words of encouragement but don’t over-do it or get too excited because he may misinterpret you or get too distracted to do his business.

The paper method is less effective as a technique for Border Collie potty training because you teach your dog to relieve himself inside the house before teaching him to do it outside. You place newspaper on the floor for your puppy as a toilet area and gradually decrease the size of the area covered in newspaper and then eventually move the newspaper outside so your puppy learns to urinate and defecate outside. Due to the multiple stages of this method it is slower than crate training or the direct method. The paper method can be used with very young Border Collie puppies but as they grow up to a larger sized dog it is quite impractical to use the paper method.