Training a Border Collie Puppy

The idea of training a Border Collie puppy may be the last thing on your mind when you decide to get a family dog. When you first get your puppy it is so adorable you just want to hold and protect it. You then move on to spoiling your dog with treats and eventually you let the dog take over your entire household and rule the roost. By this time it is almost too late to think about re-educating it.

Training a Border Collie Puppy – Have You Left It Too Late?

The best time to start training a Border Collie puppy is when your dog is still young. What age is too young? You can start training and socializing your puppy from about 8-10 weeks of age. It is natural to want to protect and care for your young puppy, and it is good that you do, but you should also consider that you are doing your dog a favor by training it.

Border Collies thrive on dog training. They want to please their owner and they love to have something to do. Because they are a working dog breed, they appreciate training and games where they need to exercise their brain. They can learn many commands and execute them accurately. Border Collies need this training to keep them from creating their own forms of entertainment which are often destructive to your garden and household possessions.

Why You Need To Consider Training a Border Collie Puppy at a Young Age

Five reasons why you need to train your puppy early:

1. You need to start training a Border Collie puppy as young as possible because this is when they are most responsive to training. They haven’t formed bad behaviors and they don’t have certain expectations that an older dog might have. For example, an older dog may expect to sit on the couch, sleep on the end of your bed and eat food scraps from the dinner table. With a puppy you can use training to avoid these behaviors before your dog even knows about them;

2. Puppies’ brains are developing extremely quickly when they are young and they absorb information like a sponge. If you start training a Border Collie puppy when it is very young it will pick up the training quickly and will form good habits early;

3. By training a Border Collie puppy at an early age you avoid the disappointment of your dog digging up your flowerbed, chewing your favourite shoes or gnawing through the carpet;

4. It is safer for your dog to be trained early so it doesn’t run onto a busy road or try to chase a moving car;

5. If you leave training until an older age you, as dog owner, need to have more patience and spend more time on training because it will take longer to achieve the same results.

Before you get a puppy do your research and find out about all the different types of dog training. Some examples include Border Collie obedience training, agility training, Border Collie crate training, Border Collie potty training, leash training and clicker training. There are plenty more examples and you may want to accomplish certain types of dog training before you move on to others.

When you commence training a Border Collie puppy it is important to know what your objectives are for the training. Always do your research first and this also helps you to decide whether you want to undertake the training yourself or whether you want to enrol in a class for your dog or even hire a professional dog trainer to work with you and your dog. There are plenty of options but the most important aspect to keep in mind is start early.

If you start training a Border Collie puppy early you will avoid disappointment, achieve great results quickly, and build a better relationship with your dog.