Training a Border Collie

If you are about to start training a Border Collie you will want to do some research so you know what sort of training can be done. Border Collies are one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They are an intelligent working dog and they respond well to dog training. However, at the end of the day, your beloved pet, who is one of the family, is still a dog with animal instincts and these instincts should be utilized in a positive way when training a Border Collie.

A lot of Border Collie owners make the assumption that because they own an intelligent dog they do not need to spend much time training a Border Collie. You should remember that your Border Collie responds to you, it wants to be part of the pack (your family) and it wants to be accepted. Therefore the time you put in is directly proportional to the results you will see in your dog.

The best approach to dog training is to understand what your Border Collie needs from you in each training scenario and then give this to your dog. Your Border Collie will respond to you and the training you provide your dog. It all relies on the owner, not the dog.

If you are training a Border Collie to change some negative behaviors you should never yell or shout at your dog. Instead, you need to adjust the behavior and change how your dog expresses these bad behaviors.

Training a Border Collie – Core Training

There are a few basic concepts that everyone should know before training a Border Collie. With this knowledge you will make a better start when you actually commence training.

Border Collie Obedience Training – obedience training is a wonderful way to add support to your home training. In an obedience class with your Border Collie you will learn how to give strong assertive commands and learn how to establish and maintain alpha leadership in your household. Border Collie obedience training can be used for either puppies or older dogs that haven’t had good training at a younger age. It is best to try training a Border Collie no matter what age your dog is when you acquire him/her.

Border Collie Leash Training – untrained Border Collies can be impossible to walk on a leash. This is because they grow into strong dogs and they have an abundance of energy. It is best to leash train your dog as a puppy. Leash training will help your dog reach a calm and controlled state on the leash. When you are training a Border Collie you must stop it pulling on the leash while walking. The best way to stop this is by making your Border Collie stop and sit by your side every time it pulls. Your dog will therefore associate the pulling with stopping its walk.

Alpha Position – the most important part of training a Border Collie is establishing your alpha position in the family. Most new dog owners think the onus is on the dog to perform in dog training when it is actually on you to teach your Border Collie that you have control over the situation. Once you establish yourself as the leader and you train your Border Collie to know what you want from them then your dog will be happy to know it is protected in the pack.

Border Collie Crate Training – a crate provides your Border Collie with its own space. Once you have helped your dog get used to its crate, the crate becomes a source of comfort. Your Border Collie feels safe in its crate and this helps to reduce anxiety, reduce unnecessary barking, and makes house training easier.

The Importance of Consistency When Training a Border Collie

Of utmost importance with any dog training is consistency. Training a Border Collie is no different. This applies to everyone in the family. Your Border Collie should know what the rules are and the rules should not change depending on what day it is or depending on which member of the family it is interacting with.

Border Collies are intelligent dogs but the best way for them to learn when you’re training a Border Collie is through repetition and consistency. If you change the training from one week to the next you will confuse your dog.

Always be consistent and even though there are times when you will feel frustrated by your dog, remember it is all worth it in the long run. Training a Border Collie successfully results in a happy dog and a happy dog owner.