Walking a Border Collie

Is your Border Collie impossible to take for a walk on a leash? Does he pull ahead and drag you forward? Even worse, does he dart off sideways pulling your arm out of your shoulder socket? If you are having problems walking a Border Collie it is probably because your dog needs Border Collie leash training.

Walking a Border Collie Without Pulling on the Leash

If at all possible start the Border Collie leash training while your dog is still a puppy. It is best to instil good behavior early. If you start walking a Border Collie puppy at a young age make sure the leash is light and not too heavy for your puppy’s neck. If the leash is weighing him down it is a distraction and he will not pick up the training as soon as you’d like him to.

For some Border Collies the uncontrolled behaviour begins before the leash is even on. Border Collie leash training can also start before the leash is on. You are probably familiar with this scenario. You get home from work, pick up the leash ready to take the dog for a walk and your dog is already jumping excitedly, and uncontrollably, all over you. It is best to start by bringing your dog back to a calm state before you even begin the walk. If you usually come into the house and your Border Collie anticipates the walk and starts to behave badly, try to ignore the behavior and take about 10 minutes before you start the walk. This should reduce the excited anticipation and get your Border Collie to calm down a little. By calming down, your dog will be able to focus on your commands in a controlled way when you commence the walk.

Once you actually commence walking a Border Collie this is where the pulling usually starts. The most important part of Border Collie leash training is maintaining control. When you first put the leash on the Border Collie make your dog sit and wait for you to start walking. If your dog is used to getting his own way and running amok then you will need to take charge during the walk.

While you are walking a Border Collie stop every time he pulls on the leash. Don’t recommence the walk until your dog has stopped pulling and is back by your side. If you stop, your dog will learn that he loses the enjoyment of the walk by pulling forward.

Border Collie Leash Training

For more specific Border Collie leash training it is best to start teaching your dog the heel command. This can be done while you are walking a Border Collie.

Start the heel training by keeping your dog close to you on the leash on your left. As you step forward with your left leg your dog will move forward and try to pull. As soon as he pulls, firmly pull the leash back towards you. There is no need to jerk the leash or give your dog a fright, just stop the dog’s progress in a firm and controlled manner. When your Border Collie stops, praise him and then continue the walk. If this technique is practiced for about 10 minutes, three times a day for five consecutive days you will find walking a Border Collie becomes a pleasure. The most effective Border Collie leash training involves this heel command so give it a try. It is also possible to teach a dog to heel using a command, without a leash. This can be taught separately when you feel your Border Collie is ready for it.